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10 Questions to Ask an Architect

Questions to ask an Architect Before Starting a Project 

Big Rapids Residential Architecture

1. What services do you offer ie: Interior Design, Engineering Services, 3-D Modeling, etc
2. How long have you been in the business? How much of your business is of the project type you
are anticipating?
3. How does your design process work? Do you typically have a preferred style?

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4. Do you provide design services for the entire state of Michigan? Can you work in other states?
5. Who will be my direct point of contact, and will they be my point of contact throughout the
project? Who will design my project?
6. Are there any builders, contractors, or other resources you would recommend for my project?Residential Architect

7. How do you charge for services?
8. How do you manage the budget and timeline for projects?
9. How do you handle challenges during the design process and are there additional costs
associated when things change?’
10. What is your role in the construction process, and do you oversee the project’s construction?