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Luxury Residential Design Bloomfield Hills

The original home was built in the 1920’s when kitchens were clearly servant spaces. Several decades ago, an attempt was made to slightly expand on the original, however, it was woefully inadequate for today’s lifestyles.

We removed this space and created a new room towards the rear of the home. This allowed for high ceilings, cross beams and north facing roof glazing for light into a rather dark space. Custom cabinets with historical detailing were designed along with a built-in bench.

The island top is salvaged from a tree removed during renovations. The owner wanted to have a color in the space that implied a historical sense. The blue cabinets were a custom blended solution. The wood floor is a custom pattern developed by the owner who wanted something uniquely his own.

The lights are historical artifacts from research done by our client. Care was taken to conceal modern lighting and a microwave. Overall, the clients were heavily engaged in the restoration of this home and this kitchen is a central feature of it.

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Photographer: Beth Singer

Builder: Mosher Dolan

Interior: Integrated Architectural Interiors

Cabinets: Cole Wagner Cabinetry