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2023 BALA

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Category 43: Historic Preservation/Restoration

Submission must preserve the character of the original structure and meet the local qualifications for a historic building. The project does not need to be registered as a historic building to be considered.

At CBI Design Professionals, we are bursting with pride to announce our Silver Award for the esteemed BALA Historic Preservation/Restoration award. This recognition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to preserving the rich heritage and character of architectural treasures. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep respect for history, we breathe new life into each project while honoring its storied past.

Design Statement:

This roughly 100-year-old residence experienced a fire as a result of one deteriorated brick in one of the original fireplaces. The whole house was deluged with water; extensive internal damage needed to be carefully restored along with correcting some unfortunate prior renovations. The Attic level was gutted and updated to be guest quarters for family guests with children. Including a reading niche and built-in bunk beds. The Second Floor was completely renovated with a relocated Primary Suite that took advantage of an original sleeping porch, which is now used as a sitting room with amazing views on three sides. A wonderful Den space was also added adjacent to the Primary Suite. The main floor has heavily restored plaster and paneled wall areas. The Dining Room was opened up to provide better circulation for the family as opposed to what would have originally been service staff. The exterior of the home was not significantly impacted or renovated for this project. The homeowners have already hosted two community events making it a community asset once again.

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