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Marketed as a tear down, our clients were dedicated to restoring this home back to its prior glory. To be viable for today’s lifestyle several things needed to be accomplished. The kitchen was a poor attempt at a renovation several decades earlier. We removed it and added a new kitchen. 

The space is now large enough for the whole family. We added a 3-Car Garage and Workshop, while also renovating the Family Room. A Mud Room and Laundry Room were added into poorly used spaces.

The side porch was enclosed using heavy timbers to match the originals in this area. The Master Suite needed renovation, especially a new bath to replace a 1980’s renovation. Significant repairs were done to the exterior plaster where years of neglect had allowed the base to fail and rot out the structure. 

A new roof and significant flashing repairs were needed. All steel windows were temporarily removed and restored by a historical window specialist. New Windows were not intended to match the steel but we were careful to make them very close to the originals. Overall a tremendous success for the owner and the community.

Bloomfield Hills Residential Architecture Firm


Bloomfield Hills Renovation Architects


Bloomfield Hills Renovation Architects

Photographer: Beth Singer

Builder: Mosher Dolan

Interior: Integrated Architectural Interiors

Landscape Design: Stewart, Hass & Associates