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About This Kitchen

This unique kitchen had great bones; it just needed personality. The existing cabinetry was reimagined in a dreamy custom blue-gray that beautifully compliments the existing copper hardware & pendant lights. A custom stainless-steel wall was installed to integrate the appliances seamlessly into the design. Beautiful handmade scalloped tiles highlight the client’s favorite colors with a unique mix of blue and pink colorations. The existing fireplace in the space was updated with coordinating custom luster tiles that emphasize the rosy pink color from the backsplash. The final touch being the white quartzite countertops with an exquisite soft pink veining that further enhances the client’s desired color palette.

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A Pastel Symphony

Entering this dreamy kitchen, there is no doubt the star of the space is the beautiful handcrafted luster tile which brings light and soothing energy. One of the main goals of this project was to highlight the clients’ favorite colors which are blues and pinks. To achieve the desired palette, a local ceramic artist was commissioned to create the perfect handcrafted porcelain luster tile.

Working closely with the artist, we tested an array of hues and patterns. After many test glazes we arrived at the perfect coloration, a pastel symphony! When composing the kitchen backsplash, each tile was strategically placed by hand to emphasize the rhythm of the stunning palette.

Custom Touches

The artist also hand-crafted coordinating tiles in the rosy pink colors to highlight the fireplace in the kitchen. Each of the fireplace tiles contains a starburst relief pattern to give the fireplace a unique aesthetic. A local custom cabinet company was commissioned to create a stainless design to seamlessly incorporate the client’s appliances into the space. The wall of stainless cabinetry and appliances integrates perfectly with the rest of the kitchen.

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Photographer: James Haefner

Handmade Tile: Abigail Murray

Stainless Wall: Perspectives Cabinetry

Countertops: Ciot Detroit

Interior: Integrated Architectural Interiors