Balcony and Patio Addition

This project, located in Orchard Lake, MI, encompasses a front façade ‘facelift’. The existing covered porch will be removed and replaced with new program to bring life into the front elevation of the house. The new addition will have an exterior bar/grill area to entertain guests, a covered patio on the ground floor, and second floor bedroom access to the balconies. This new balcony will have enough space for a small seating arrangement or chase lounge area. Be sure to continue to check back to see the progress updates!
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Detroit Home Design Awards

On March 24, 2015, we attended the 11th Annual Detroit Home Magazine Design Awards and are proud to announce we won six awards! Listed below are the project statements, pictures of the awards, and images of the corresponding award winning projects!
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What not to do: Construction Mishaps

To note up front, these pictures are not of our projects or taken by us, but boy do they contain some head-scratchers. The construction industry is a tough gig; you have to maintain immaculate precision, understand engineering and architectural documents, coordinate crews of tradesman, and work on a strict timeline. Inevitably then, mistakes are bound to happen. These pictures below depict some of those oversights and miscommunications on the construction site. The Huffington Post puts it this way: Did no one ever think during the long, arduous construction period, “Maybe this staircase shouldn’t run right into a wall?” Or, “This faucet doesn’t belong directly over this electrical socket?” While it’s bad news for the home owner it’s definitely good news for those of us looking for a laugh.
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Construction Update: Bloomfield Hills Residence

A few months ago, we featured an addition/renovation project located in Bloomfield Hills. This project features a full master suite renovation, kitchen, nook, and family room renovation, and a mud room, living room, and recreation addition. An outdoor kitchen was also added to the patio area that prominently features a 2-way fireplace and grill. For the kids, a 38′ long recreation room was designed to provide a great space to play and hang out. The recreation room has massive French doors that open out to a paved motor court to allow more area to play.
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How to choose an Architect for your project

Licensed architects are specialists. Part of becoming one is to understand a multitude of details, products, and technologies within a specific field of design. This only happens with years of experience and continuing education. In order to find the right residential architect you’ve got to ask the right questions. Here are a few… Brought to you by CRAN, the custom residential architects network. A knowledge community of the American Institute of Architects.

Final Photos: Pleasant Ridge Project

This project, located in Pleasant Ridge, MI, was a complete remodel and addition. As the clients’ family grew and more space was needed, the existing kitchen was expanded and remodeled. Along with the new kitchen was an addition of a family room, mud room, laundry room, and screened-in porch. The ceiling in the new family room has a coffered look created by intersecting beams and trim work. Lots of windows and French doors were used to bring in more natural light deep into the space. Brand new, custom cabinets were designed and constructed to give the kitchen a truly one-of-a-kind feel.

The exterior of the house was stripped of existing siding and replaced with wood siding. The rear of the house (seen below) was where the addition spaces were constructed. Because a bedroom is located above the new design (behind the chimney), a window was placed in the center of the chimney to provide a connection to the outside. The flue of the fireplace below bends around the window and centers back on the chimney when it clears the window opening.

Before (left) and After (right) rear elevations:
Before After

Before (Kitchen)

After (Kitchen and Family Room)
9-19 Pic

Who needs an Architect? You do.

Good Architects are worth every penny. They work on projects of all sizes and complexity. Architects add value from design and construction to the resale of your home. Who needs an architect? You do. You can’t afford not to hire one. Brought to you by CRAN, the custom residential architects network. A knowledge community of the American Institute of Architects.