What should your dream house look like?

“What should your house look like?” Up until relatively recent times, this question would not have entered people’s minds; that’s because for most, there weren’t many options. Throughout history, the average person’s house was built to provide basic protection from the elements using readily available materials and construction methods. How a house looked, or its “style”, was not necessarily a choice, but instead a result of essential materials, features, arrangements and local building customs.

Fast forward to the present. Advances in technology, communication and more efficient means of production have changed how we think about construction and architecture. And it’s had an effect on culture too. Today, the arts, customs, attitudes, behavior and institutions are truly global. Architects now work with an almost unlimited palette of material options and structural systems. Architects and their clients live in an international marketplace where choice abounds. This includes the choice of what your house should (or could) look like. So – with all of this choice, which can be overwhelming, how can you address the question of house style in an intentional and thoughtful way?

This video is brought to you by CRAN (Custom Residential Architects Network), a Knowledge Community of the American Institute of Architects.

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