The Client’s Role for a Successful Residential Project

One of the most important ingredients for a successful design process and construction project is YOU, the client. Once the team of talented Architects and designers is assembled, many aspects of the project will ultimately reflect the client’s vision. These include aesthetics, function, budget and schedule. A client should come prepared to stay the course and provide feedback in a timely manner. A lack of preparation, focus and timely response will result in squandered time and fees, and could even lead to inappropriate solutions.

In the video, five helpful tips are talked about to help assist the client through the entire process:

1- Spent time to hire the right architect that has experience and knowledge in the style and taste that is similar to yours.
2- Thoroughly understand the contracts you sign with the architect and other contractors.
3- Come with a complete list of desires and budget (be prepared to either subtract program of increase budget).
4- Be sure that meeting minutes are taken and approved by all parties.
5- Make sure the architect and all contractors/consultants meet regularly.

This video is brought to you by CRAN (Custom Residential Architects Network), a Knowledge Community of the American Institute of Architects.

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